beLEAF™ (Alocasia)

A collaboration between Italhide S.p.a and Nova Kaeru

From continuous innovation and applied research in sustainability and technology arise exceptional products with a unique and surprising aesthetics. beLEAF™ won the award of the best natural material 2019 at Première Vision in Paris as it is the latest vegan fabric with similar characteristics to leather, among with the most innovative and ecological ever made.

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beLEAF™ use the Alocasia Macrorrhiza, a plant also called “elefant ear”, which grow freely on the border of rivers and in tropical forests.

This choice was motivated by its combination of beauty, availability throughout the year and leaf surface.

Each leaf can reach from 20 to 50 square decimeters and a height of over 3 meters.

The plants are cultivated in sustainable areas which are prioritized by the Brazilian company and in partnership with independent neighboring peasants who are involved in projects of reforestations (zero kilometer).

beLEAF™ technology is an exclusive process of tanning which is entirely organic heavy metals-free and that process 100% of the re-use of solid and water from fertilization and irrigation. The finished product is surprisingly comfortable, resistant, so beautiful that it can compete with the most valuable leathers and ecological fabrics on the market. It can be involved in the production of shoes, bags or anything else that the designers creativity can suggest.

beLEAF™ is commercialized for all the fashion industry needs.